Brightside Acres
West Virginia Wildgrown®

Winter 2020

January Jubilee

January 3. January 4. Nothing like starting the year with a clean coop! Duck house and run are spic-and-span too! Puddle ducks. January 21. January 28.

Not So Frosty February

Top of Allegheny. February 22. Milkweed pod. February 24. February 25. Hmmmm. February 28. Danny the Nuthatch on the suet feeder. February 29. Biggest snowfall of a very warm winter season. Buddy loving the snow!

March Madness

New Display at Citizens Bank. March 3. The ladies following me around hoping for treats. March 4. Pruning the vineyard. March 5. Sunbathing beauties. March 7. Rose making a sunny bed out of Shirley and Rhoda. The gang's all here! Runner ducks on the march. Hi Miss Clyde! Hey Miss Dora! Clio and Archimedes are best sunning buddies. March 13. Soaphenge! March 24. Greenhouse sprouts. March 25. Leia in the greenhouse.