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48) Oct 26, 2023 from David Planker:
Thank you for being so thoughtful, generous, and wonderful. The world needs more people like you.

47) Jul 8, 2020 from Pam Ruediger:
I truly hope the lack of 2020 information does not mean you are no longer in business. I live in Tucker County and since my husband David retired two years ago we have become avid vegetable gardeners but with a oot to learn. Additionally I have, over the course of several years, tried to learn as much as I can about local wild plants’ medicinal and food uses. Your farm seems to be a fascinating potential learning location. I hope all is fluorishing in your lives.

46) Jun 4, 2020 from Glenn Condrey:
Hello Dawn! I know you don't remember me, but I was a younger classmate of yours in Memphis. You were a senior editor, I was a "slopmore" assigned to cover what ROTC was doing. I was always impressed with your writing... and I had my school annual out (actually my grandson had dragged it out). This started a "what happened to this person" and that person inquisition from him. Some I knew, others I didn't. I'm glad you found a place where your heart belongs. For me, it was 234 miles North in Western Kentucky in a town called Madisonville, KY. I've been here for 20 years now...and I can't picture living anywhere else. Thanks for sharing your really should publish. Another classmate of ours, Joe Leibovich wrote a humorous novel about a trip he and his wife took to Europe called "Too Fat For Europe". Check it out sometime @ Amazon. I'm more of a techie nerd than a writer...I suspect my wife married me for free lifetime technical nothing to offer in return literature wise.

45) Aug 22, 2019 from Maggie Abbott:
So awesome to read all your website and commitment to wild growing! Hope to meet you in the future on a trip to the county.

44) Jul 6, 2019 from Chrissy:
I'm going to have to make a trip to see your farm and goods. It looks like a very interesting place to visit.

43) Oct 22, 2016 from Bereta:
Our bus tour was there Wednesday oct19th. I bought two tins of tea, and I plan to buy more. It was an awesome and informative talk. Thank you so much.

42) Jul 17, 2016 from orville gable/vicki gable:
eat raw fruit with your bare hands. A fork just gets in the way. Ah I can taste the mountain in your stuff. Thanks

41) Jun 3, 2016 from PNBJR:
2016 looking of results and growth of your customer base!!

40) May 5, 2016 from Tony:
Been browsing your so engaging writing. Thanks for sharing.

39) Apr 14, 2016 from Dad PNB:
I really enjoyed your 4-12issue!! Spring is soon to show. Love Your Dad

38) Apr 4, 2016 from Nancy Leffingwell:
Dawn, Loved your goat story. Years ago, when I lived in Ohio, we raised goats. One little orphan (Annie) the mother disowned and we raised her in the house until she was six weeks old. She was house trained in two days. Then we put her out with the others, but I was always her "mother." Goats are very special. They trigger something within us, especially the art of milking, that makes us feel all is well with the world. Milking a cow was work; milking a goat is fun!

37) Jan 18, 2016 from esheets:
What an extraordinary writing. I hope you don't mind if I share it? Wonderfully written - I couldn't agree more. Thank you

36) Nov 1, 2014 from Connie M.:
Dawn, can't wait to have a cup of your tea....wish we lived closer so that we could have a cup of tea together. Blessings...

35) Aug 19, 2014 from Phebe:
A wonderful way of life. Good for you!

34) Jun 18, 2014 from Bill Woodrum:
Dawn: Was nice to meet you at the Farm Gathering. Really intrigued by what you are doing and took a couple of teas to my wife who really liked them. :)

33) Feb 7, 2014 from Bet Curtis:
Hi Dawn, Your talent for writing is amazing! You were right on with Abide The Winter. Loved it!

32) Aug 13, 2013 from tom baker:
Just bought a walking stick from the Cass RR gift shop. enjoy it very much. Great web site

31) Jan 15, 2013 from Ainee Beland:
I am newly to your website; I hope in time I can sample some of your herbal teas and report/record it on my own blog to do with tea reviews. I have no income but I submit to tea reviews as a way to stay busy and healthy in mind and body; though difficult at times. Kindness to stranger is best for one and all.

30) Nov 28, 2012 from John and Carolyn Sutton:
We wish to thank you for giving John gas and a warm place for the day. You are wonderful people to invite a stranger in your home. Today he thinks he was on a ski trip. On our way home the transmission went out about 5 miles east of Buckhannon. Luckily I had our preferred towing service programmed in my cell phone. He came right away, so I put the keys by the car and we rode home with our daughter. I am setting things in order to ensure he does not drive off again. Gratefully, Carolyn

29) Dec 21, 2011 from Jeanette Wagner:
I had the pleasure of being introduced to Brightside Acres delicious teas, November of 2011 at a Craft Fair. I enjoy them almost daily. I enjoy the organic aspect of the tea, as well as the natural healing qualities. Dawn is a beautiful person, and I look forward to future purchases! I would like to say a special "thank you" for the donation Dawn made for the children in our community :)

28) Apr 13, 2011 from christina:
I enjoy all that you share about your farm! I hope to be able to travel up that way sometime this summer. Keep sharing those wonderful pictures and I do believe spring is in the air :)

27) Mar 24, 2011 from Babette Shaw:
Dawn, I have a craving for your delicious Blueberry Preserves and Peach Nectar. Great on ice-cream! I will be forever thankful for my time spent "on top of the mountain," communing with Nature and the Cosmos. And, of course, for time spent with you. Hope to return soon. Babette

26) Mar 17, 2011 from Michael Sean:
Who is that young man in the pictures?

25) Jan 16, 2011 from Lou Ann:
As I sit here watching the Freeside bird family (Tufted Titmouse, Cardinal, Carolina Chickadee, Goldfinch, Red bellied Woodpecker) at the feeders I am delighted to hear about their relatives in West Virginia! Thanks for sharing.

24) Nov 10, 2010 from Eric:
Dawn-This is awesome

23) Nov 9, 2010 from scott stotler:
it was fun. kinda miss it.

22) Oct 17, 2010 from Paula Zorn:
Dawn - I am interested in your teas. I couldn't find them in your general store. We would like to know what you offer, we are thinking about adding teas at our Locust Hill Bed & Breakfast here in Marlinton for our guests enjoyment as well as selling in our small gift area. thanks!

21) Oct 11, 2010 from James Elia:
Hi Dawn, This is Videographer James Elia. We met at Huntersville a few weeks ago. I took your advice and went and interviewed Jessie Beard Powell. I'm planning on going back as she might give me a tour of Camp Allegheny from the Yeager family point of view. I'm hoping to contact Hunter Lesser to see if he can come. I would also like to see if you would be interested to be there. At the battlefield, Hunter will speak of the battle, Jessie will talk about her family's role, and you could talk a little about the windmills. It would be one massive power interview as we tour the camp, and a lot of wonderful information would result for the public interest.

20) Oct 9, 2010 from Diana Casuccio:
I enjoyed talking to you both at the festival in Elkins WV hope to see you some where soon.Have a great Fall.

19) Sep 23, 2010 from Da Jokester:
To answer the question in one of the pics. The squash crossed the road because it felt like it deserved to be squashed. Wow that was a bad joke.

18) Sep 14, 2010 from Cynthia:
Hey it's me. I thought since I finally was at the computer and remembering your company name at the same time... Looks good. Love the photos of Jake!

17) Sep 10, 2010 from Admirer:
You are an inspiration :)

16) Aug 5, 2010 from Angela Roebuck:
It was an absolute pleasure finding this site. I enjoyed every moment of it.

15) Jul 27, 2010 from Ralph Bennett:
Thank You for your efforts to preserve Camp Allegheny. I have identified 13 ancestors who were with Co. K & H of the 31st Virginia Infantry on Allegheny Mountain, one of which was my Great-Great Grandfather, Jacob S. Bennett, Ist Sgt. 31st Virginia.

14) Jun 8, 2010 from Richard Hall:
I met you at the sustainability fair in Charleston. I am very much interested in coming to see what you do one day soon.

13) May 22, 2010 from Don Gartman:
Met you today at the Charleston Sustainability Fair.....told you about our WV Wild Foods club which has been around for over 40 years. and to check out the national meeting in September at North Bent State Park for their Nature Wonder Weekend. We normally have 50 + members who attend and bring wild food dishes from all over Appalachia. Give me a call at (304) 926-8678 for more information.

12) Jan 6, 2010 from Lin Combs:
Your applesauce and peach preserves are as wonderful as dessert at any five star restaurant. My husband is roasting venison so he can try topping it with the essences. Thank you for your dedication to creating treats which are healthful and absolutely scrumptious. Keep dreaming and writing and cooking!

11) Nov 8, 2009 from Scott Jordan:
I spent Friday afternoon with friends exploring Camp Allegheny. My GGF's served in the 31st Va. Infantry there in 1861, and I would like to help in the fight to preserve such a treasure of history. Can you direct me as to who to contact on a state level to voice my concerns?

10) Oct 10, 2009 from Visitor from Virginia:
Nice site.

9) Sep 20, 2009 from Babette Shaw:
As summer's end draws near, I hold closer still my June memories made at Brightside Acres. Peace and beauty and solitude. Nature's whisper. Star searching. Sun warming. Dirt digging. Vegetable picking. Blueberry jam, lip licking! Mountain hiking. Beaver tracking. Just to name a few. I can't wait to return.

8) Sep 4, 2009 from Gretchen Lovett:
I'm back! Loved the bit about the snake birth. Looking forward to this electronic pantry filling up with jewels this fall!

7) Jul 20, 2009 from Gretchen Lovett:
Visiting your site today, while at my desk, was a pleasure. I remember my times visiting at Brightside with a smile and need to get away from the hustle and bustle for another visit soon! If we all lived with such intentionality and partnership with nature, like is exemplified at Brightside, people, animals, the ecosystems, the planet,all would benefit!

6) Jul 19, 2009 from Phil:
The writing additions to the site are great...very good writing for sure. Looking forward to the general store's offerings.

5) Jun 19, 2009 from Babette Shaw:
I am so looking forward to my visiting Brightside Acres! See you in three short days.

4) Jun 6, 2009 from Betty Jo:
Can't wait until the General Store site opens. Great gifts for my husband.

3) Jun 6, 2009 from John:
Very nice! I look forward to your progress.

2) Jun 6, 2009 from Ashok Kara:
What does one aspire to once one reaches paradise?

1) Jun 5, 2009 from Jake:
This is the greatest site I have ever seen. It is very well organized.