Brightside Acres
West Virginia Wildgrown®

Winter 2019

A Snowy New Year

January 11. January 13. New Inventory! January 14. January 16. Ducks in a row! Miss Clyde & Dora. January 25. Finally, a sunny day! January 28. Spent time pruning the grapevines. Seed-sorting in the greenhouse. Buddy. Toni, Maya and Jirafa. Clio takes center stage. Big Tom goes exploring. What better way to spend a sub-zero day than blending and packaging tea! January 31.

Frosty February

February 1. My favorite Sycamore. Bartow, Wv. The Greenbrier River. Old Pike Road. (aka My Driveway) Miss Clyde and Dora in the house! Brightside hens are working for a living again! Check out the Martha Stewart palette. Oh, yeah. Ducks love water. Ice...not so much. Making the most of a little liquid water time! All the Brightside birds love meal worms. Spoiled rotten? Well, maybe not rotten. :-)
February 11. Getting ready for the Winter Blues Farmers Market February 16! The Winter Blues Farmers Market at the Charleston Civic Center. February 16. Terrific day! Wonderful customers! February 26.