Brightside Acres
West Virginia Wildgrown®
West Fork of the Greenbrier River from Forest Route (FR) 44, just above Durbin, in Pocahontas County, WV. Forest Route 44. Great Rhododendron. Great Blue Heron tracks. Six miles from Durbin, 16 miles from Glady on the West Fork Rail Trail. No tracks on the West Fork Rail Trail today. FR 44. View of the West Fork from FR 44. Little River where it joins West Fork at the former town of Burner. Dawn on the FR 44 bridge over the Little River. Little River. View from FR 44 bridge, looking toward rail/trail bridge over Little River. FR 44 at the former town of May. Site of former town of May. West Fork between former town of Wildell and present town of Glady. Ice curtain over the entrance to the Glady Tunnel on the West Fork rail line. Shavers Fork viewed from the bridge at Bemis. Bemis Road (County Route 22) heading out of Bemis, toward Beverly. Now that's a "paperclip" turn! Climbing higher above Bemis. Through a Narnian wonderland, toward the sun.