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Winter 2013

A Final Winter Ramble

Sunny March 30 inspired us to take what has turned out to be a final Winter ramble through pastoral Woodrow, WV and onto the woodland headwaters of the Williams River, one of eight rivers originating in Pocahontas County (the others include the Cheat, Cherry, Cranberry, Elk, Gauley, Greenbrier, and Tygart). We were turned back by deep wet snow at Day Run Campground, about 10 miles from Edray on Woodrow Road. Can't wait to go back when the laurels are in bloom!

Late March Snowstorms

If you have a persistent sense of deja vu while viewing these photos, rest assured you're not the only one! When the sky is white, the ground is white, and most every object is coated in white, coming up with a new photographic approach is not always easy--or possible. These photos taken March 26 and 27 are evidence of just how relentless this Winter has been.

A Visit to the Elk River

March 21 took us to a "quick hoops" low tunnel workshop at Pocahontas County Farmers Market President, Tolly Peuleche's, Hidden River Farm on the Elk River just "over the border" in Randolph County. With an air temp hovering below 20 degree F, we intrepid small farmers gathered in heart-full hope of Spring. A tour along the Elk up to Whitaker Falls near Bergoo, WV, was a welcome bonus. Just the sort of astonishing experience I'd write home about were I still visiting Pocahontas County on vacation--rather than living here full-time. Old habits die hard!

The View from Brightside: March 3

The National Weather Service has forecast 10 to 20 inches more snow between tonight at 7 pm and Thursday at 1 am. How jealously Winter guards her power! Not yet ready to give even the slightest nod of acknowledgement toward rival Spring.

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The Neverending Season

February 6 February 6 February 6 Finally enough sun to melt the snow off the western-facing solar panels! Bird tracks on the deck. February 6 Sunset February 14 February 15 February 15 February 15 A freshly-laid winter egg! February 18. K.B. Wilmoth homestead on the Old Pike. February 21. February 21 February 21 February 21 February 21 February 21 February 21 February 22 February 22 February 22 February 22 February 22 February 22 Ice, ice, baby. February 22 February 22 February 22 February 22 Winter Blues Farmers Market. February 28. WV Small Farm Conference. March 2, 2013 Driving home over Cheat Mountain. March 2. Snow on Cheat Mountain. March 2. March 2. Buddy March 3. March 3. Buddy loves exploring in the snow. March 3. March 3. Cold mountain morning. March 4. March 4. March 4. Sunset March 4. March 6. March 6. March 6. David and Buddy. March 6. March 6. March 6. March 6. March 6. March 6. March 6. March 6. March 6. Vineyard. March 6. March 6. OK, Old Man WInter: Bring it! Here we go again! March 18. March 18. March 18. March 18. March 19.

A Break in the Weather: January 20

Black-capped chickadees sing Glory Hallelujah for a sunny January day!

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Just January

January 7. January 7. January 7. January 7. January 7. January 7. January 7. January 7. January 7. January 7. January 7. January 7. January 7. January 7. Oh to feel the sun! January 12. January 12 even smells like Spring. Buddy, Maddy & Dawn in the garden, January 12. Mouse tunnels in the garden, revealed by the melted snow. Spring garden dreams, January 12. January 12. January 12. Black vultures in Green Bank January 14. Unexpected snow on a shopping trip to Lewisburg, January 17. Talk about a change in the weather! January 17. The Greenbrier River at Cass, January 20. Cass Bridge. January 20. Greenbrier River. January 20. January 21. January 22. Buddy's frozen water bowl on the sunporch, January 22. Nothing like fresh frozen Brightside corn! A cure for the winter blues. January 24 at Brightside. Buddy thoroughly enjoying the weather. A frosty chin is sure sign of a happy puppy, January 24. Black-capped chickadees have developed a taste for thistle seed. Ice sculpture at Winterfest at the Greenbrier Hotel, January 26. Ice skating can be fun! January 26. Winterfest at the Greenbrier Hotel. January 26 Watching the ice sculptors, January 26. Icy fog, January 28. January 28. January 28.

Durbin to Bemis: An Afternoon Adventure

With temperatures in the upper 30's and sunshine aplenty, we snatched up the opportunity January 5 to start the year off right. We embarked on what I like to call a "Monongahela Ramble." Like Forest Gump's box of chocolates, you just never know what you're going to get. Inspired by my intrepid partner, David, who has never seen a Forest Route he doesn't yearn to explore, we set off from FR 44 in Durbin and found our way to Beverly, some 40 astonishing miles and nearly five hours later. FR 44 follows the West Fork of the Greenbrier River (and most of the Rail/Trail) from Durbin to Glady, passing through the former towns of May and Wildell along the way. In Glady, we turned onto the Bemis Road (County Route 22), which took us to the river town of Bemis, nestled against the Shavers Fork. From there, we journeyed up and over Cheat Mountain to Beverly. I only wish we'd taken more photos.

West Fork of the Greenbrier River from Forest Route (FR) 44, just above Durbin, in Pocahontas County, WV. Forest Route 44. Great Rhododendron. Great Blue Heron tracks. Six miles from Durbin, 16 miles from Glady on the West Fork Rail Trail. No tracks on the West Fork Rail Trail today. FR 44. View of the West Fork from FR 44. Little River where it joins West Fork at the former town of Burner. Dawn on the FR 44 bridge over the Little River. Little River. View from FR 44 bridge, looking toward rail/trail bridge over Little River. FR 44 at the former town of May. Site of former town of May. West Fork between former town of Wildell and present town of Glady. Ice curtain over the entrance to the Glady Tunnel on the West Fork rail line. Shavers Fork viewed from the bridge at Bemis. Bemis Road (County Route 22) heading out of Bemis, toward Beverly. Now that's a "paperclip" turn! Climbing higher above Bemis. Through a Narnian wonderland, toward the sun.

Sounds Along the West Fork River

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