Brightside Acres
West Virginia Wildgrown®

Summer 2020

June & July, Oh My!

June 2. Jack in the Pulpit. Hidden Valley. Baby Barn Swallows. Hognose Snake surprise! June 20. June 28. July 2. Lower garden. Eastern Phoebe nest. July 3. Nettles in Hidden Valley. July 4. First squash! New summer season teas. July 8. Mucking out the spring box with a Solo Cup! Cave Orb spider in the spring box. July 10. Using up the frozen fruit from last fall. July 13. Scarlet Bee Balm in Hidden Valley. July 15. Herbs drying. Dried Yarrow. Dried Stinging Nettles. Dried Heal All. July 16. Cooking Collard Greens. July 15. July 21. Tromboncino & Cube of Butter squash. July 24. Nice Broccoli! Kale.

Awesome August