Brightside Acres
West Virginia Wildgrown®

Summer 2018


Lavender and Blue Orpingtons plus a bonus Lakeshore Egger. June 5. Toni, Pearl, Alice, Maya & Zora. June 13. June 15. Dust-bathing buddies Clio and Jake. June 15. Red Eft. June 23. Rose. Miss Clyde. June 29 in the apple orchard. Miss Clyde. Miss Dora. Buddy. Leia. Rey. Maya, Toni, Zora, Pearl & Alice. We're beginning to wonder if Alice is actually Al. George, Paul and John.


Heal All (Prunella Vulgaris). July 2. Heal All on the drying rack. July 2. New batch of Lavendar soap. July 5. We're about to decide Alice, with growing comb & wattles, is a rooster. July 9. Ringo has gone broody. Hmmm. The Fab Four. Garlic Harvest. Sunflowers. Garlic scapes. Heal All. July 10. Elecampane. Kale. Marshmallow. Motherwort. Echinacea. Chamomile. David treating his girls. July 12. July 13. Vineyard July 13. Dawn with Marlin Man at 4th Avenue Gallery (Pocahontas County Artisans Co-op). July 14. Heal All is really popping now! July 16. Heal All. Wild Basil, also abundant. Very different from Heal All. Grandmother Apple Tree. Scarlet Bee Balm (Monarda Didyma). July 22. Jake cutting Bee Balm near Camp Allegheny. Burdock. Camp Allegheny. Echinachea. Marshmallow. Rose at the Grandmother tree. Clio sunbathing. July 26. July 27. For Big Al and the hens, it's getting toward roosting time. Yarrow. (Achillea Millefolium). Dried Yarrow. July 28. Ground Yarrow. Dried Heal All. Ground Heal All. Dried Bee Balm. Ground Bee Balm. Ringo hatches ducklings! July 29.


August 1. Taters! Costata Romanesco Zucchini. Mixed pole beans ready to deliver. August 4. Chocolate Bell Peppers. Wild harvest of Chanterelle and Puffball mushrooms. August 8. Scarlet Bee Balm in Hidden Valley at Brightside. August 5. Jewelweed. Finally broccoli! August 9. Amazing crop of sunflowers. August 10. Ringo and the ducklings! August 12. First swim! Ringo finally gets a bath, too. Mama is loving it! August 17. August 20. Ringo and the duckies out and about. August 22. Dried herbs ready for processing. August 25. Newly harvested Staghorn Sumac berries. Herbs and Sumac on the drying rack. Buddy after a long day in the garden. August 25 Our new hens: Baudler Girls from Anja & Wolfgang. Shimmy, Archimedes, Jirafa and Lola. Happy Baudler Girls! August 29. Big Al is getting bigger every day! Ringo and her ducklings. Preparing Tea for Watoga Art in the Park.