Brightside Acres
West Virginia Wildgrown®

Summer 2012

Summer Garden Review: July-September

July 2 tomato plants. July 2 broccoli. July 2 pepper plants. July 2 red cabbage. July 19 cylindra beets. July 19 swiss chard. Easter egg radishes. Scarlet runner beans. July 19 tomato plants. Can you believe these tomato plants? July 19 cucumbers. First ever cauliflower. David wrestling the tomato hedge. July 19 lavender. Beets prepared for a local restaurant July 19. Radishes ready for the CSA. Beets & broccoli packaged for delivery.. Cabbage & cauliflower ready for delivery July 28. July 28 scarlet runner beans. Hunting for squash. Bush beans and potatoes. Bush bean blossoms. July 28. Earliest slicing tomatoes in Brightside history! Scallions July 31. White radishes are called "Green Meat." August 2 cucumbers. Zucchini. August 2 lemon boy. August 2 cauliflower, snow peas, and beets packaged for delivery. Scallions. King Harry potatoes September 11. August 7 indy gold wax beans and haricot vert. August 8 sungold cherry tomatoes. August 8 crookneck squash. Cucumbers are bountiful. Scarlet runner beans August 20. Hummingbirds love these blossoms! August 21. The tomato harvest is in full-swing. Golden pear tomatoes. August 21 squash. Golden beet greens. August 29. CSA & restaurant orders. More orders! Scarlet runner beans at last! Cosmo August 29. September 13. Cantaloupe. Maybe not so many squash plants next year. A record-making grape harvest! Brightside's corn patch September 13. The snow peas refuse to give up. Beets and chard. Late season zinnias and nasturtiums. Mesclun greens. Kaleidescope carrots September 20. Broccoli crowns and chard. Potatoes and carrots bagged for a local restaurant. September 16. Cosmo and Jake. Beans ready for the CSA. Wax beans and snow peas. September 17. Chioggia beets prepared for a local restaurant. Mesclun greens & edible flowers. Chard that just keeps on keeping on. September 29. Wine season begins!

Late June Garden

Golden beets. Bright lights Swiss chard. Straight 8 cucumber. Snow pea blossom. Red acre cabbage. Golden baby belle pepper. Sweet great stuff pepper. Sungold tomato. Tater. Atlantis Fritillary on comfrey. Merlot lettuce. The Sungold tomato plant that ate Brightside. Scarlet runner beans. Zinnias. Crookneck squash. Herb garden. Cauliflower. Peas. Chard. Cylindra beets. Grapevine happiness! Spinach. Scallions.