Brightside Acres
West Virginia Wildgrown®
Fast-growing snow peas The garden changes daily One of the few blueberries to survive the May freezes Apples! It's gonna be a cider-filled fall Wow! An ancient apple tree trunk. Nature's sculpture A happy grapevine The vineyard. Somewhat diminished by May weather, but coming back strong Hawthorn berries Whorled loostrife Blackberry blossoms New blackberries - just add water! A wee bit of rain this month and we'll have a wonderful blackberry crop Oxeye daisies fill every meadow and roadside A bumblebee explores abundant St. John's Wort Queen Anne's Lace thrives along the driveway St. John's Wort Oxeye Daisy Deptford Pink Horse nettle, in the Nightshade family. A close relative of the potato Heal All Red Clover Salsify Viper's Bugloss