Brightside Acres
West Virginia Wildgrown®

Summer 2010

Late Summer Medley 2010

Jake & Cosmo, August 6 August 6 Pumpkin, August 6 Turnip Snow peas, August 6 Picking Sumac, August 8 Sumac harvest Dried mullein covered in wax makes a great torch Blackberry leaves harvested for tea Apple picking, August 16 Sweet pea blossom Elderberry harvest, August 18 Still more snow peas, August 20 Ripe tomatoes at last! August 20 Cherry tomato thicket Sugar snap peas arrive, August 20 August 20 Pumpkin Bush beans, August 20 Kabocha "Sunshine" squash Congo watermelon Bird nest gourd Cucumber vines gone wild Squash escaping the solar fence Apple picking, August 22 Why did the squash cross the road? September 6 Pumpkin, September 6 September 6 Farmer's Market, September 11 Wildgrown herbal teas Tomato harvest, September 16 Kabocha squash ready for the market Market day

July 17, 2010

Blueberry bushes Potato plants Potato blossoms Dorinny corn tassel Dorinny corn tassel Bush bean blossom Bush bean blossom I love cabbage! Cucumber Cucumber blossom Squash We still have lettuce Basil Basil Turnip Tomato Tomato blossom Cherry tomato Happy tomato plant Chard Snow peas Snow pea blossoms Grandmother apple tree Grandmother apple tree Vineyard

July 2010

Fast-growing snow peas The garden changes daily One of the few blueberries to survive the May freezes Apples! It's gonna be a cider-filled fall Wow! An ancient apple tree trunk. Nature's sculpture A happy grapevine The vineyard. Somewhat diminished by May weather, but coming back strong Hawthorn berries Whorled loostrife Blackberry blossoms New blackberries - just add water! A wee bit of rain this month and we'll have a wonderful blackberry crop Oxeye daisies fill every meadow and roadside A bumblebee explores abundant St. John's Wort Queen Anne's Lace thrives along the driveway St. John's Wort Oxeye Daisy Deptford Pink Horse nettle, in the Nightshade family. A close relative of the potato Heal All Red Clover Salsify Viper's Bugloss

June 2010

Snow pea plant Snow peas rising A garden is born Grandmother apple tree We'll have apples this year! A view toward Virginia. We have tree swallows and bluebirds sharing the martin house Bush beans Very few grapes survived a Mother's Day freeze Newly-hatched "Jade" bush bean Summer colors in Bartow The last of the spinach Turnip greens! Garlic harvest Fossils Fossils Cosmo The hammock sure looks like a nice place to hang out Cucumber At month's end, we've got corn