Brightside Acres
West Virginia Wildgrown®

Summer 2009

Fruits and Flowers

Staghorn Sumac fruit Staghorn Sumac Staghorn Sumac fruit Harvesting in the Sumac Sanctuary Jake shows off the fruits of his labors Richard & Jake in the Sumac Sanctuary Bull thistle and bumblebee Jake harvests oyster mushrooms on a cool July day Oyster mushroom gills Jake considering where to begin Viper's Bugloss Bull thistle before bloom Turk's Cap Lily Turk's Cap Lily Common Mullein Common Mullein Lycopodium Blue-eyed Grass Oxeye Daisy Common Milkweed St. John's Wort Nodding Ladies' Tresses Silver Rod

July 2009

Howden pumpkin, July 7 Cavilli squash, July 7 Great Rhododendron in Hidden Valley Jake & Cosmo Wild blueberries Potatoes Dawn clearing locust along Spring Road Dawn finding her inner Rambo Milton & Cosmo clearing Wiley Way More mulching!

Busy Beavers

New beaver lodge Dam renovations Beaver-engineered wetland lake Mud creates "living" dam Beaver drag-trail from new lodge to lake

Garlic Harvest

Softneck braids Hardneck varietals