Brightside Acres
West Virginia Wildgrown®
May begins with a 3-day snowfall, of course! About 8 inches total. May 4. Keets fly the porch coop. By May 5, it's warm enough for hen sunbathing. Dora stakes her claim that Spring has sprung. May 5. We move the 4-week-old keets from the porch to the real coop. May 13. First shiitake mushroom harvest of the season. May 14. Pine blossom. May 16. BFFs Buddy & Tom. Kale in the greenhouse. Arugula in the greenhouse. May 20. Runner ducklings! Because, of course! We're averaging 7 eggs a day. Guineas explore the chicken run. Runner ducklings bob for green peas on the sun porch. June 5. We moved the ducklings to the duck run. If only they could read! June 6. Yes, those are Guineas in the center of the frame exploring the farm! June 7. Guineas leaving the coop in the morning. June 8. New locust posts for a new garden fence. June 8. Ducklings love spinach and herbs! The Menagerie. Louise (Cream Legbar), Sandy (Runner) and Pearl Guineas in distance.