Brightside Acres
West Virginia Wildgrown®
First coltsfoot (Tussilago farfara) spotted on the Old Pike Road, April 2. A skunk wandering along the drive, April 8. More coltsfoot, April 10. The Pike is dusty already! April 11. Remnants of the 10-foot snowdrifts. April 11. These steps at KB Wilmoth's were buried in snow just a week ago. Lilac at the Brightside gate, April 11. Looking toward Arbovale. Where's the snow? Red maple buds, April 17. Forsythia on the north side of the house, April 17. A female American toad in a driveway mud-puddle. American toad eggs! Red maple. A new snow pea fence. Seeds in the ground, April 17! Buds on the Grandmother Apple Tree, April 17. New chickies, April 19. Ameracauna and a bonus black-feathered bird! Chickies huddled under their new 20-watt brooder. First mullein (Verbascum thapsus) harvest, April 18. First coltsfoot blossom harvest, April 18. Grandmother Apple Tree, April 17. A tree swallow perched in a hawthorn tree. A tree swallow staking claim to a blue bird house. Seed bed prepared for spinach, April 16. Forsythia April 16. Scallions planted last fall. Mache planted last fall. Our three Rhode Island Reds are back to spring production! In the garden April 22. April 22. Ramps (Allium tricoccom) April 24. Cut-leaved toothwort (Cardamine concacenata) April 24. Purple-flowering violet (Viola cucullata) April 24. Field of ramps emerging in a steep draw. Ramp harvest. New potato bed April 23. Serviceberry (Amelanchier) blossoms April 24. Harvesting coltsfoot April 24. Garden beds covered with compost April 25. Blueberry beds April 25.