Brightside Acres
West Virginia Wildgrown®

Spring 2009

Late May Garden 2009

Raised beds New 15x50 tilled garden: potatoes, bush beans, squash, pumpkin. Cavilli squash, May 26 Vineyard, newly sown with red and white clover Howden pumpkin, May 26 Mr. Toad Van Buren grape buds

Woodland Ramps 2009

Woodland ramps Spring rain on ramp leaves Ramp harvest Cleaned ramps Sliced ramps in butter Sauteed with last fall's potatoes

Spring Blooms 2009

Squirrel Corn Spruce Buds Grandmother Apple Tree Bush Cherry Bush Blueberry Hardy Worden Grape Fringed Polygala Hardneck Garlic Early Greens New Carrots