Brightside Acres
West Virginia Wildgrown®

Fall 2019

Dancing in September

September 2. Milkweed Tiger Moth caterpillar. Beach plums. Monarch caterpillar. September 5. Raspberries just keep coming. September 11. More pole beans! Ground cherries. September 16. Goldenrod. Goldenrod. September 18. What a year for tomatoes! September 20. September 22. Jirafa. September 24. Green Zebra tomatoes. So many sweet peppers! September 29. The beans keep coming! Acorn squash. Peaches! Waiting for the cider press. Mr Tom Fleming, Esq.

October & November

October 1. October 3. Doesn't quite feel like Fall! Final harvest of peaches. October 14. Final harvest of tomatoes and peppers. Color is popping in the mountains. October 17. Pumpkins delivered to Cass for Halloween festivities. November 6. Buddy! November 9. Crab apples. November 8. Covering lavender and rosemary plants with agribon. Frisky goatie girls. November 11. Temperature has dropped into the single digits! November 15. Cider making!