Brightside Acres
West Virginia Wildgrown®
December 1. Filled tea bags ready for ironing. Special tea bag sets ready for Christmas. December 5. Baby, its cold outside. Peach raspberry preserves in the making. December 6. View from the Old Pike Road. Big Al crowing. Coconut, Olive and Palm oils for soap. December 7. Weighed oils heating. Melted oils. Miss Clyde's frozen goat milk melting as sodium hydroxide is added. Milk and sodium hydroxide. Oils added to milk mixture. Beginning to blend. Mixture begins to thicken after 3 minutes of blending. Soap molds. The Queen's Jam. December 8. December 10. December 11. Cass Christmas Market. December 16. Making Cookies! December 20. Pearl in the foreground. Six Runner ducks behind. December 27. Maya and Zora. Archimedes. Buddy & Rey. December 29. Dawn & Dora. December 31. Pearl, Jake & Maya. Dawn & Miss Clyde.