Brightside Acres
West Virginia Wildgrown®

Fall 2010

A Month of Wintry Weather

December 2010, monochromatic month The general ambience at Brightside Another day, another prayer in thanks for juncos, nuthatches, and tufted titmice Brightside firepit. Out of service until further notice No, that's not a bad photo. That's the way it really looks LED-lighted trees near the house North Pole South, reporting. Conditions COLD Jake enters frenzy of thanks on rare sunny day Note blue sky Southern view from the house Dark-eyed juncos What driveway? Nature says, you've driven enough December 25, drift in front of Dawn's car Ice crystals on the inside of storm door The usual December view Suncicle. December 28 Icicles with attitude A truly sunny day, December 28 View from the house toward Wiley Way View from the gate toward garden enclosure Fence along the Old Pike Necessary Rhino bling At the gate, looking toward Snowshoe Fence along the Old Pike A tail by any other name Old Pike, Bartow View. December 28 Old Pike near the Brightside gate. Camp Allegheny view Getting a bit drifty Top o' the Brightside drive. Spruce Knob in the distance A plowed drive has its own unique beauty

Early Snow, December 6, 2010

Wild Turkey 2010

October-November 2010

Final Farmer's Market Rosehips Red clover Yarrow blossoms Heal All Black Raspberry Common milkweed seed pod