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Brightside Beach Plum Essence

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We guarantee you’ve never tasted such pungent plum flavor. Beach plum (Prunus maritima) can be used as a gourmet glaze on lamb & pork chops, venison tenderloin, and beef medallions. Four-star flavor guaranteed to astonish your guests.

This super-concentrated sauce transforms vanilla ice cream into a very adult dessert. With this one-of-a-kind product brings all the color and sweet/tart richness, the very essence of our mountaintop orchard, to your table.

Plums are hand-picked from our all-natural orchard where we fertilize with organic compost and compost tea.

What is an essence? Think of it as a glaze, to be used on baked, barbecued, or stir-fried meats. Think of it as a syrup, to be drizzled on ice cream, cake, or special cheese. Wildgrown essences are concentrated fruit flavor achieved by long-cooking and then straining fruit and adding as little sugar as possible.

Ingredients: Wildgrown beach plums, organic cane sugar.

Net weight: 8 oz (227 g)

Handcrafted in 2015.