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Thinking of our Veterans

Nov 11, 2014

What's in this week's basket?

This second week of November, we expect to offer Winterbor kale, Asian greens, winter squash, cabbage, spring onions, potatoes, apples and a surprise or two.
Thinking of our Veterans...

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” – John F. Kennedy

“How important it is for us to recognize our heroes and she-roes!”
– Maya Angelou
CSA Memberships for 2015
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Extras in the Cooler
Need a few extra veggies for the weekend? No problem! Come see us from 2-5pm Thursday afternoon and select what you want from our cooler.  This week, we expect to have a variety of winter squash, eggplant, beets, green tomatoes, potatoes, apples, onions, garlic and free-range farm eggs. We also have whole chicken, pork sausage, chops, ribs, shoulder roast and ham steak available for purchase straight from the freezer.  Wildgrown fruit preparations and teas, hardwood charcoal and gourmet vanilla are also for sale. Please encourage friends and neighbors to come see us from 2-5 pm Thursdays.
November Night
    With faint dry sound,
    Like steps of passing ghosts,
    The leaves, frost-crisp'd, break from the trees
    And fall.
--Adalaide Crapsey 1878-1914
Please Return Your Baskets!
Do you have a basket hiding out in your garage, squatting on your porch, or lingering in the kitchen? Please bring it back! :-) Also, we're always happy to accept plastic lettuce boxes and clamshells for washing and reuse.  We can also reuse clean egg cartons. Recycling saves resources. Thanks!