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The 2015 Season Begins (and Swiss Chard recipe)

Jun 24, 2015

The 2015 Season Has Begun!
What's in Brightside Acres lettuce mix? Red sails. Cracoviensis. Merlox red oak. Oscarde oak leaf. Green deer tongue. Escarole. Arugula.
Recipe Idea
Wondering what to do with Swiss chard and kale? These earthy, nutritious greens are two of the easiest vegetables to prepare.

Coarsely chop about a pound and a half of chard or kale, including stems. Thinly slice 2 cloves garlic and/or 4 spring onions. Heat 3 tablespoons olive oil in a large saucepan or lidded skillet and saute garlic and/or onions until soft but not brown. Raise heat to high, add greens and about a half-cup of vegetable broth or water, cover and cook for 5 minutes. Remove lid and continue to cook until liquid is gone. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

For a summery zing, toss with a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice or red wine vinegar.

Swiss chard from Brightside Acres, beets from S & S Farm and strawberries from Windy Acre Farm.
CSA Memberships for 2015
A heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who has signed up for 2015. Memberships remain available beginning July 2.  You can sign up for any individual month (July-November), for the Summer Season (July-September), for the Fall Season (October-November) or for the Full Season (July-November).  Our growers' high tunnels, fields and orchards are loaded with ripening vegetables and fruits. Chemical-free quality, taste, and nutrition freshly picked and delivered every week!
Sign-up for 2015!
Thank Heaven for Local Eggs!
As a result of the avian flu epidemic, national egg prices are on the rise, while ours remain the same. Farm fresh free range eggs from S & S Farm and Brightside Acres are available for purchase from the cooler at 503 Third Avenue in Marlinton. $3.50/dozen. We're open 12-5pm every Thursday.
Come see us at 503 Third Ave
You don't have to be a CSA member to enjoy chemical-free produce. Walk-ins are welcome 12-5pm every Thursday.  Tomorrow, we will have extra lettuce, spinach, Swiss chard, broccoli, spring onions, radishes and more. As the season progresses, we will have an ever-increasing variety of fruits and vegetables available for purchase. Questions? Email:
Thanks again to all our customers. With your dollars, you've not only purchased produce raised using the most environmentally sustainable methods, you've also supported the reality of small farming as a business. We small local producers simply can't survive without your choice to spend more of your dollars with us.