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Last Chance for Turkey

Oct 26, 2014

What's in this week's basket?

Besides the autumn poets sing,
a few prosaic days
a little this side of the snow
and that side of the haze.

--Emily Dickinson

Week five of this especially long October is upon us.
Winter squashes are ripening. Greens of all kinds continue to flourish.
This week, we expect to have butternut squash, potatoes, onions, kale, broccoli, apples, mesclun greens and a surprise or two. Soup season has arrived. Let's put those dutch ovens to work!
Last Chance to Reserve your Free-Range Turkey.
Our free-range alternative to a factory-farmed, store-bought turkey has been lovingly raised on S & S Farm in Minnehaha Springs. When all of us consumers see  the animals we eat as beautiful, fully sentient beings deserving of a quality life and humane death, we will begin to demand market alternatives to factory-raised animals. When you purchase local meat of any kind, you support a more-sustainable future.  Thank you!
Reserve Your Turkey
Michael Buttrill of Bootstraps Farm, who has provided beautiful eggplant, cherry tomatoes, kale, bok choy and more this season!
CSA Memberships for 2015
Heartfelt thanks to all who have already signed-up for the 2015 season! We continue to take applications, available on a monthly, Spring/Summer/Fall, or Full Season basis.  The 2015 season will begin April 2 and run through November 24, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Click below to reserve your membership.
Sign-up for 2015!
Walk-ins Welcome
Can non-CSA members purchase from us? The answer is YES.  Every week we have extra organically grown produce available for purchase at our distribution hub, 503 Third Avenue, in Marlinton.  Sometimes we have more of what's in the baskets, and often a variety of other produce as well.  Potatoes, onions, garlic and free-range farm eggs are staples. We also have whole chicken, pork sausage, chops, ribs, shoulder roast and ham steak available for purchase straight from the freezer.  Wildgrown fruit preparations and teas, hardwood charcoal and gourmet vanilla are also for sale. Please encourage friends and neighbors to come see us from 2-5 pm Thursdays. Email: to receive this newsletter and/or a list of produce available each week.
Now Accepting Online Payments
Tired of writing a check for monthly membership fees, poultry, sausage or other extras? You can now pay online from your credit card or bank account through PayPal. No extra fees are applied.