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Burgandy Beans: Magically Delicious!

Aug 25, 2015

Burgandy Beans: Magically Delicious!
These Royal Burgandy beans from Brightside Acres turn green when heated. WHY? The purple color comes from water-soluble pigments called anthocyanins, also found in red cabbage, red onions, blueberries and purple cauliflower. In beans, heat breaks down the plant cells, dispersing the pigments. As you boil or steam your purple beans, they turn green, as if by magic! (Below: Brightside red cabbage and purple cauliflower.)
According to the National Institutes of Health, anthocyanins are flavonoids in fruits and vegetables that render them vivid red, purple or blue. "Based upon many cell-line studies, animal models, and human clinical trials, it has been suggested that anthocyanins possess anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic activity, cardiovascular disease prevention, obesity control, and diabetes alleviation properties, all of which are more or less associated with their potent antioxidant property."  Read more here.
This week's produce forecast:
This week's CSA basket will include mixed potatoes, carrots, beans, slicing & cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, cantaloupe (yes, cantaloupe!) and a surprise or two!  WHAT WILL WE HAVE AVAILABLE AT THE MARLINTON STORE?  Basil, beans, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, chard, cucumbers, eggplant, kale, lettuce, peppers, potatoes, tomatoes. We also have free-range eggs ($3.50/dz) and whole free-range chickens ($4.25/lb). 
Decide you want a dozen eggs or a chicken included in your basket? Want us to hold something for you at the store? Drop us a line.
Colorful Carrots  Organically-grown carrots are among the most health-enhancing foods we can eat. High in beta-carotene, orange carrots are, indeed, important in maintaining eye health, while purple carrots, the original cultivated carrot, are even higher in antioxidants than their orange cousins! What's up, Doc? When you've got carrots in your diet, better health! 
Purple and orange carrots and ground cherries from Maple Mountain Farm.
Ground Cherries Also known as Husk Cherries, these golden fruits arrive housed in a beautiful, lantern-like calyx that must be removed before use.  For me, their sweet/savory flavor evokes nothing so much as the beach. An intriguing blend (yes, really) of pineapple and tomato. I find it difficult not to keep unwrapping them and popping them into my mouth! :-)
Upon removing the calyx, if you find a cherry to be a bit on the green side, place in a shallow
container, uncovered in a warm, dry place for 1-5 days or until golden. With their calyx attached, cherries can be stored in a well-ventilated, cool place for up to 6 months. With their calyx removed, they can be stored refrigerated for several weeks. Recipe ideas here.
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Special Thanks to THE FIDDLEHEAD!
If you've enjoyed a fantastic, wood-fired pizza at The Fiddlehead this summer, you've likely tasted tomatoes from Windy Acre and S & S Farm and basil and eggplant from Bootstraps Farm. Thank you Chef Dave Carte! And for allowing us to use The Fiddlehead as a pick-up point for CSA baskets: You are the very best! :-)
Genovese basil from Bootstraps Farm.
Membership has it's privileges...
When you purchase a CSA membership, you're guaranteed that you will receive the highest quality and greatest variety of local organic produce available.  But you don't have to be a CSA member to enjoy a taste of what Produce on the Move! offers. Walk-ins are welcome 12-5pm every Thursday at 503 Third Avenue in Marlinton.   Come see us for Good Things to Eat!
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