Brightside Acres
West Virginia Wildgrown®

Fall 2013

December: Every Kind of Weather

Entering Fallow Time

October Overture

Fall arrived at Brightside with our first cidermaking, appropriately occurring on a cool, misty day. Everywhere I look, color deepens and brightens simultaneously, while each gust of wind brings a richly-hued rain of leaves. Trees are slowly stripped of their summer clothing, preparing for a naked hibernation, all the bone-structure of the forest exposed. White-tailed deer, by contrast, don a thicker, darker winter coat, better to protect them from the weather to come and allow them to hide in a forest laid bare. As of this week, most of the grapes have been picked, along with all of the remaining tomatoes. I expect at most a handful of squash until the first hard frost. A few servings of beans. Time to plant garlic and onions. A new round of leaf lettuces and spinach. Autumn is upon us.